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Westcoast Booksters

Mar 15, 2023

This Harry is a wizard, but not the one your'e thinking of. He plays by a different set of rules and is way to old to be in school. His main problem is a man who follows him around with a sword trying to kill him, and even that takes a backseat when hearts start exploding out of people's chests. 

Mar 1, 2023

We're going over rivers and through the woods to magical places...oh no! Witch hunters our on our trail. We have Shane and Fi back with Leslie Vedder! If Shane's trusty axe can't protect us, maybe Briar's magic can. 

Feb 15, 2023

Join us at the round table for a knight of fun! We're following the bloodlines all the way back to King Arthur and it s a doozt of a journey. But first you have to get through the mages. And he's a little drunk on magic at the moment. That's okay, Jessica and Kendra are here to keep you company. 

Feb 1, 2023

The big island is full of surprises and Jessica and Kendra are drinking Mai Tais, enjoying all the drama. This honeymoon was meant for another couple. Olive and Ethan plan to enjoy every minute of their time in Maui as long as its not together...fate had other plans. 

Jan 15, 2023

We are kicking demon butt, but also dating them. We're stepping back in the Buffyverse with Kendare Blake. The newest slayer on the street is Frankie, Willow's daughter. So bring your stake and a snack. The old school demon fighting scoobies are teaching the new ones how it's done.