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Westcoast Booksters

May 15, 2022

Someone's getting a good tongue lashing in this battle and it's not just Anna...Kendra and Jessica spill all the tea about a high school in France. There will be new friends, new boys, and new drama. 

May 1, 2022

Grumpy or not here we come! Kendra and Jessica go toe to toe over an old man who wants nothing more than to be left alone. We will make you laugh and cry and they will convince you to pick up this book or throw it across the room!

Apr 15, 2022

Tea and Crumpets always sound delious, but someone needs  to definently bring scones becasue we're going back in time with Tirzah Price and her retelling of Jane Austen's book Sense and Sensibility. The Dashwood sisters are in town and they're ready for murder.

Apr 1, 2022

Monsters or humans? There's a war and Debroah Falaye wants to break your heart with love and cruelty. She's giving us a glimpse of Nigerian culture through her book Blood Scion, and we can hold your hand, (for the scary parts) but no gurantees it won't be broken by the time we're done.


Mar 15, 2022

Secrets between four siblings will make you choose sides, and make them question everything they thought they knew about each other. Get ready for castles, secret societies and lots of delicious food. We have Akshaya Raman with us, and can't wait for you to meet her!